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a free online course in ecolinguistics

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Please fill in the box to give comments about the course and its impact on your life or work. This is to help us understand and demonstrate the value of free courses made for public benefit. There is no need to mention your name or email unless you want to. Below is a selection of comments about the course from various places, sometimes abbreviated. We will not publish your name or email here. Thank  you!


Comments Received

  • What a great thing to do! I love what I have seen so far.

  • The first part refreshes me so much and brings me a brand new understanding of Ecolinguistics, which is no longer only a metaphorical term to me now.

  • I am deeply impressed. The materials are really very good for beginners.

  • The website and all the resources look wonderful. I am excited to learn more about eco-linguistics and make connections with my area.

  • This is an easy-to-learn and a good comprehensive introductory course for Ecolinguistics.  

  • Part 1 is a true eye-opener. Linguistic features that are seemingly mundane and 'common sense' are highlighted to reveal dominant ideologies.

  • This course looks great.

  • This is wonderful! Thanks a lot for this great initiative!

  • I am from Indonesia, a big country granted with rich bio-and-cultural diversity. More and more students of mine need to be introduced to this domain to help them widen their horizons of how language constitutes an indispensable part of their life and is inseparable from the nature they live in.

  • The course is a wonderful resource that will be really positive in promoting the fantastic work that the IEA does


  • Ecolinguistics is very relevant to life now and after graduation, it’s surprising how much.

  • Fascinating, it made me think more deeply.

  • Increased my understanding of how society and the media influence the world around me

  • Opened my eyes to seeing the world in a different, more appreciative way. This makes me happy.

  • Helped me look at things in a new way and question a lot of the things we take for granted.

  • I am more conscious of my own impact on the environment.

  • It enhances interest in nature making me appreciate things I would have previously not noticed.

  • I will be more aware of what products I am buying in the future,

  • Made me look at the world very differently in relation to ecology and my place in the world.

  • Enjoying it greatly.

  • Really like the assessment and the freedom to get my teeth into something I feel passionate about.

  • It definitely changed how I look at things around me.

  • Attention is kept riveted throughout class.

  • I found out something interesting about nature and being human.

  • Makes us consider areas of life not previously thought about.

  • Unique perspective of the world that I otherwise would never have experienced.

  • I now view advertisements and texts in different ways.

  • I will take more care in everything, start a more sustainable lifestyle.

  • It caused me to look at ways to change the world.

  • It’s making me more aware of the world around me.

  • It has made me take notice of the effects on the environment of language used in a range of discourses that I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise

  • Incredibly interesting and is opening my eyes, very engaging.

  • Very interesting and relevant to our lives and future careers.

  • Really encourages me to think outside the box.

  • Helped me to be more open minded about my surroundings.

  • It made me think more about the environment and what I can do to help.

  • I think EVERYONE should take this module

  • It has changed the way I read.

  • Very interesting as it encourages us to look at the world from different perspectives.

  • I’ll be able to really apply what I’ve learnt in my job later.

  • Incredibly relevant to my life as well as being interesting and stimulating.

  • I started to see things in a different light.

  • It has made me realise the power and impact that language can have.

  • Really opened my eyes, I was amazed.

  • It makes us more critical and increases our awareness.

  • It opened my eyes – I started to see things in a different light.

  • A great insight into how language and ecology come together.

  • I am more aware of my responsibility to our environment.

  • I’m finally getting to know the values I stand for.

  • Even outside the classroom I always think and try to find some sort of relation of what I learned.

  • I will do more to help environment, I’ve begun to shop differently already.

  • I am much more aware of my surroundings.

Comments from University of Gloucestershire students on studying ecolinguistics as part of their degree: