The Stories We Live By

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PART 2: Ideologies

This part of the course describes ideologies, which are stories shared by particular groups in society. The main example is of an ideology shared by neoclassical economists, that human beings are fundamentally selfish. The failure of traditional economics to even imagine that humans have a generous or altruistic nature may be one of the reasons why we have constructed a society based on material accumulation and greed, with damaging consequences for the environment.

The notes include an outline of the theory, a chapter summary, a glossary and ideas for further reading.

The slides are a PowerPoint presentation which matches the one used in the video.

The exercise consists of examples to apply the theory to.

The video illustrates ideologies with an example. Click left to download it and right to watch it on Vimeo.

Dscn1088 DSCN8569 Dscn0711 DSCN4340 Notes Slides Exercise Video

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